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Car dealers are geared to customer financing requests

Car dealers are geared to customer financing requests

As a rule, the purchase of a car is always an expensive matter and it does not matter whether the car is new or used. However, the mobile pedestal is often mandatory for people today, because the public transport system is often not enough and the distances to work are getting longer. Many are therefore considering a payday loan car to finance the desire of the new vehicle. Learn more at

All over Germany, car dealers are geared to customer financing requests. The car dealers often work with the company’s own car banks or with independent vehicle financiers. This is intended to meet customers’ financing needs and boost vehicle sales. When it comes to financing, car banks generally offer the best conditions on the market. But the lowest-interest offer is not always the perfect payday loan for a car. If the car banks give cheap interest, then the dealers participate in the interest subsidies. This reduces the profit and also reduces the willingness to give higher discounts on the list price.

A comparison of the payday loan car

A comparison of the personal loan car

Consumers can appear to the car dealer as if they were paying in cash and can then obtain several loan offers in parallel. When it comes to the discount on the vehicle, buyers have more scope for negotiations. In general, a loan with higher interest rates can even be cheaper in the end. However, if the buyer’s creditworthiness is not outstanding, then the chances at the car banks may be higher.

In order for the car banks to offer favorable conditions, a down payment is initially due on the price of the vehicle. This down payment provides security for car sellers and the vehicle letter is then deposited with the bank for security during the term of the loan.

General information about the payday loan car

General information about the personal loan car

Retailers often offer final installment financing for the Auto payday loan, which leads to low installments during the term. Buyers therefore pay monthly low installments after there is a final installment at the end of the contract that corresponds to the residual value of the car. The buyer can then pay the final installment in full or consider refinancing the remaining amount.

It is also important that zero percent financing is often a trap, because customers with low financing are attracted to a high price, where usury interest is already included.


Payday Loans

Payday Loans for Self-Employed – Useful or Not?

Financing your own business idea is not an easy thing for many founders. You can only get a loan from banks if you have no credit bureau entries and can show collateral.

On the other hand, if the business idea is rather unusual and you don’t have a lot of collateral yourself, banks nowadays tend to get in the way.

You can find out below whether a payday loan for the self-employed is a good alternative in this case and what the advantages and disadvantages are.


Payday loans for the self-employed

Personal loans for the self-employed

The world is changing. Not only have the publication options improved radically, but the power of the banks has also decreased in the financial sector.

In recent years, payday loans have developed as an alternative to bank loans. The money does not come from a bank, but from more or less many private individuals and investors.

The idea itself is not that new. Anyone who used to get a loan from Grandma for the new company also used a payday loan.

In the meantime there are even special intermediaries for payday loans for the self-employed and start-ups.


Meaningful or not?

money loan

Like everything, payday loans have advantages and disadvantages.


The chances of getting a payday loan are often much better for start-ups and self-employed people than getting a bank loan. In addition, there are of course significantly more potential lenders for payday loans.

With a payday loan, it is also much easier to finance rather unusual business ideas. Private investors are often even more open to creative ideas than boring Me-Too start-ups.

A payday loan is more flexible. This not only affects the amount of the interest rate and the repayment period, the question of collateral can also be negotiated flexibly.


The flexibility of course also has the disadvantage that you may pay too much and get even more into debt. Here it is important to compare well.

The costs can fluctuate greatly and especially with the many payday loan brokers that are now available on the web, you should take a close look at what costs are incurred. Also and especially when a loan application does not lead to success.

The advantages of payday loans cannot be denied. However, one should proceed at least as carefully and exactly as with a bank loan.

If you cannot repay a payday loan and get into debt, this has the same negative effects.

Cheap financing | Cost-effective financing

Cost-effective financing. Now you can finance it cheaply. Funding would be a good idea to consider. We arrange favorable financing for you through our house bank.

Simple capital came from the idea of ​​writing a financial journal that was easy to use, easy to implement and yet extremely effective. Therefore, this work is about the answer to the crucial question: How can I achieve economic success in the simplest way? How can I help my children set the course for economic independence at an early age?



You can find out more about these and other questions under “Euroinfach Geldmittel”… It consciously dispenses with elaborate concepts and well-founded specialist knowledge as well as the development of solutions in the areas of marketing and sales as well as the implementation of customer wishes and wishes.

Unlike other financial advisors, the subject money in the subject is easier to understand, to convert the subject, the subject money more effectively.

Firms are faced with two fundamental financial issues: the first involves the use of funds and the second involves contracting. The key to successful financial management is the increase in (company) value. This manual describes how financial decisions are made in companies. Because financial decisions are often based on computational calculations, you will also find many examples and exercises in this manual.

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If you liked the device so much that you want to buy it later, please use the shopping possibility with follow-up financing. Of course, you can play your piano and grand piano favorites quietly, so when you make a purchase for piano financing or our leasing business, you are certain that the unit will suit you and your host family.

Students are in debt, banks are happy

Students get into debt – it’s obvious. Reading the report “Student Portfolio” of the Polish Bank Association, it is impossible to resist the impression that this state will only get worse.

Looking at the report, it is also impossible to get the impression that both students and banks are optimistic. Probably, if you ask your opinion, securitization funds would also be of good cheer. However, financial institutions usually rub their hands for reasons other than their clients.

Students are probably indebted mainly due to economic conditions, but they can also be folded down to the perceptible slow detachment from the reality of a large group of students. So what can make studying after many years engrave the debtor’s mark on many young people?


The student needs cash

student debt

According to the report, in a large academic city, a student spends over 2100 USD per month on living. In 3 years (from similar calculations in 2016) this gives over 30% growth. And looking at the market situation, the trend will probably continue. The largest part of these expenses are costs:

  • accommodation,
  • tuition,
  • public transport,
  • food.

For example, renting a 3-room apartment in such Wrocław or Warsaw alone is over 2 thousand. zlotys, which are most often chosen by students. Of course, those who can afford it, because 40% still live with their parents.

Where do students get money for? Parents take part in their upkeep, there are also students. who combine learning with work. And if that’s not enough, you can always borrow. Can but should it be?


Students are in debt

Students are in debt

According to the report, generally young Poles – including students – are not afraid of loans. And someone experienced could say in summary that only fools are not afraid. The fact remains that every fifth person between the ages of 18 and 24 took a loan, usually consumer. As you can guess, the majority will be repaid, according to the Polish Bank Association:

“The total amount of loans that are repaid is over $ 10.5 billion, of which the outstanding amount is $ 8.61 billion”

Characteristic optimism for youth makes almost 60% of them assess their financial situation well. Optimism also comes from estimates of how much future earnings will be. 16% of students would like to earn 5,000 – 6,000 on hand, 28% over 10,000 How does this report to reality? Currently

working people aged 18-30 in 80% of cases earn less than 3,000 USD net, 50% less than 2,000.

If the reference rate is the rate of increase of the minimum wage (100% in 10 years), it is quite easy to calculate that a large part of these people will be disappointed. Their living costs will definitely increase, especially for those who decide to have children.

Meanwhile, such optimistic thinking makes students reach for credit slightly. Many of their predecessors have already found that this approach to debt can affect their lives for years.


The day when “somehow it will be” is not enough

student loans

Life on credit can not last forever, you must finally pay it back. If anything means that the student will not do it, suddenly it turns out that on the threshold of adult life, creditors will successfully trim his wings. Financial “errors of youth” in college suddenly will not allow an adult to finance life plans. Some innocent loan from years ago, which you did not pay with carelessness, will deprive the young debtor of the opportunity to buy a home.

And then the question arises, how did it happen? And seeking a solution to the problem of debt (old or new) “yesterday”.


Smart student after the damage

student debt

Students are educated, but wisdom comes with experience, and this requires time or prior education. Young people are doomed to learning from their mistakes. How many of them have come into contact with any financial education? However, any person who is considered an adult should have this slight ability to acknowledge that one cannot know everything.

At the first stumble, as most students can think of paying back loans with loans. It is important that he then show wisdom after the damage and give up putting on such a loop around his neck. Students who are in debt have a lot of time and enough energy to cope with their debts. Often, a proper debt relief program and advice from someone with a much larger experience baggage is enough.

Interest-free loan – how to apply for an interest-free Loan under the Family Assistance Law

You are entitled to an interest-free loan

You are entitled to an interest-free loan

For the period in which you look after close relatives, you are entitled to an interest-free loan. It is intended to help alleviate the loss of income by reducing or reducing the income from work, is paid out in monthly installments and must be paid in installments at the end of the holiday. The gross monthly salary without benefits in kind for the past 12 months is decisive for the calculation of the flat-rate net monthly salary before the holidays. One-time payments and other payments (eg Holiday pay or bonuses) are included in the calculation. Even with a full vacation during breastfeeding, the loan is calculated on the basis of a fictitious income of 15 hours.

The loan thus replaced at most half the difference between the preschool income and the fictitious income from 15 hours per week. The loan must be submitted in writing. At the beginning of each calendar month in which the admission requirements are met, the credit installments are rewritten to the specified bank account. The retroactive benefit entitlement to an interest-free loan arises if the application is made within three calendar months of fulfillment of the family care requirements, otherwise the application will be valid from the beginning of the application month.

Forgets loans without interest

Forgets loans without interest

Conservatives received a non-interest-bearing loan of USD 50 000 in 2013, according to the news (Wednesday) study. According to his lawyer, Filling told the researchers that he forgot to call the loan in billing. The lawyer of the merchant also informed the authorities that the loan had been paid by the company.

He has been under stress for several months because he has the reproach that his wife would have a bogus self-employment at Parliament’s expense. Now, the allegation that the company Füllon violates their disclosure obligations, examined. Person worked for many years as a parliamentary assistant to her husband. The entrepreneur, who gave the loan to the company, is also the owner of the newspaper, for which in part the wife Penelope of the company was active.

Building a House Credit very few people want to build a house to finance

But I am not sure if I should build a condominium or a house. But very few people want to build a house to finance it. In this case, mortgage lenders can get a state-subsidized loan there.

Mortgage and variable interest rates.

Mortgage and variable interest rates.

The house costs 685k, the property is a total of 57k incl. How did you repay your property? Regarding funding: Bank mortgages have been cheaper in history than fixed mortgages. Some years later, House sold with painful loss of early repayment allowance for exactly this reason.

What do I have now as part of the funding for opportunities and what would you recommend to me? If you were to address such a request to a regular house bank as Long Loan for House, this would not be possible with almost 100% certainty.

The simultaneous amortization of a property is probably no fun?

The simultaneous amortization of a property is probably no fun?

If only one of the spouses has signed the loan agreement, then he alone has to pay the debt – even if he is the one who left. But I’m still not sure if I should build an apartment or a house.

The mortgage interest rates are thus good after deducting the tax at around 2% and 3% interest, even speculation. If the spouse is required to make alimony payments, he or she may deduct the monthly debts when calculating the maintenance from the earnings when they are paid. And who still has to repay the home loan? There is only a single home mortgage and so I am of the opinion that I should not pay. We will not have our own four years.

Of course, the owner says that the house will also pass into the possession of the owner, ie it will be paid. In contrast, the owner only pays for maintenance when needed, so that in the example the depreciation waiver is about 0, plus the relatively high and tax-free interest.


What is a good credit score and how do I get it?

Another advantage is the waiver of the stipulation that the closing costs borne by the borrower due in full at the closing. These can often add up to thousands of dollars. With an FHA loan, the lender pays half of these fees, and the other half is turned on the mortgage principle.

There are many organizations that provide low interest rate on the home, attend down payment home loans on the market. One can also find online structures from this organization to complete their dream of their own home.


A great way to add value to your home is to add a solarium to the back of the house

A great way to add value to your home is to add a solarium to the back of the house

Whenever you add square footage to your home, it is increasing its value. In addition, a solarium looks great, giving your home more appeal to a buyer.
In many cases, five years will be enough time to complete the debt elimination plan. You can speed up this moment until you find ways to pay more towards your debt. This will allow you to pay less of the interest expense and your debt paid off faster. The earlier you can get your debt repaid the less it is going to cost. You can then start moving on with your life and prepare for an economically stable future.

You must be absolutely sure of getting the right secured debt consolidation loan. When you are on the verge of bankruptcy, a secured loan can save you immediately. Avoid foreclosure of your home or property by applying for debt loan. You must have mortgaged your home against a personal or secured loan.


How do you know if these online sites that offer cheap loans are reliable?

How do you know if these online sites that offer cheap loans are reliable?

The best thing you can do to determine reliability is and check their services on their websites. You can get the contact information on these sites you can use to call and confirm or information about them by speaking personally to their staff. You can also visit their offices or branches when you have them right where they currently reside. Meeting with them in person, talking about their home loans in person with those who are experts on how their loan system works could also motivate you to avail of their cheap home loans for a home of your choice.

To get a good loan deal, you need to shop around in the loan market. Rates should be taken into consideration, which are offered by high street banks, construction companies and private lenders. Strong competition among lenders in the UK, you can apply for a loan with a lower interest rate.

Internal credit card with credit for person stuck in belgium

Internal credit card: solution

Internal credit card: solution

Being in a situation of banking prohibition is not obvious. It is very difficult to take advantage of a favorable response for granting credit in traditional banking institutions. However, there are solutions to receive funding. Being ‘banking forbidden’ means being registered at the Capital Lender. When you make a credit application, the lending group is forced to read this database, if you are registered, you will be considered a risky client.Even if legally speaking, being banned bank is not equivalent to be banned from credit, the decision is at the whim of the financial institution. Vipa works with fincancers in credit for banned banking.

Lending organization has the legal constraint

Lending organization has the legal constraint

Do not refund your credit for more than two monthly installments will necessarily result in your registration with the Capital Lender. The problems can be unfortunate. Read carefully the information that accompanies.We are at your disposal for any further information.Show at the Capital Lender Did you know that: n Each credit subscribed must be registered at the Central Credit to individuals by your praetor organization. The Centrale des credits aux particuliers is a division of the Capital Lender. The Central Office for Personal Credit is tasked with combating over-indebtedness. nIf you fail to pay your premium for 3 consecutive months, your lending organization has the legal constraint to terminate your credit or loan agreement with the Capital Lender, which will apply to your registration. nWhen you are registered with the Capital Lender, your file leads to the litigation department of your lending organization that will try to find a solution with you to extract its money or failing that, will initiate a legal procedure that may lead to the recovery of the balance of the credit unpaid on your property. This may involve a seizure of your property and a public sale. If your credit is not settled, you stay at the Capital Lender with the consequence that no credit organization (bank or broker) will be able to lend you any more money. You can not borrow anymore. Once you have cleared your credit, the lender has the legal obligation to ask the Capital Lender to cancel your registration. n You will have to wait 15 months after delisting to be able to make a new loan or apply for a new loan. Being stuck is a soft situation. However the European People’s Credit can offer you solutions to get out of this embarrassing situation:

Credit organization for a person in charge of the geolocation of a credit organization for a person? But, do you already know how long this default will be registered at the Capital Lender? Today, you can find a personal credit agency and benefit, under certain conditions, from the possibility of borrowing money again, despite your creation of an account at the Capital Lender (NBB ). But are you still registered? How long do you appear there? As part of the normal course of a loan, your details are erased three months and 8 days after your last refund. as well as a payment incident, they can be kept for a maximum of 10 years. However, if a regularization occurs, with an update of monthly loan payments, this period is often reduced to a single year. To inform you, simply contact the NBB during opening hours.

Banks and credit institutions have the legal requirement

Banks and credit institutions have the legal requirement

Filed at the Capital Lender, can I obtain a loan? Banks and credit institutions have the legal requirement to register each of your credits with the National Bank in a file called the ‘central credits’. nHowever, a file at the Capital Lender is said to be ‘negative’ when it occurs due to significant delays in one or more credit (s).These registrations are intended to secure the client against the risk of over-indebtedness. Unfortunately, a so-called ‘negative’ file that still appears in the Capital Lender means that it will not be possible, in general, to take advantage of a new credit. If you are registered with the Capital Lender, any request for The credit operated by Proxi Finances will be analyzed differently according to the following cases: – The credit has been regularized (that is to say compensated): the registration is still a year (after the credit repayment date) at the credit center National Bank. However, in certain situations, Proxi Finances will nevertheless be able to process the file and send it to its partners.- The credit has not been regularized (that is to say compensated) and you are OWNER: there are solutions of centralization loans with mortgage registration. In some cases, which depend mainly on the outstanding amount of current loans and the present value of your property, Proxi Finances will be able to give the file to its partners. Are you registered and owner? Apply for a loan in case of registration (for owners only). not

When a person has failed to repay their installments

When a person has failed to repay their installments

They are registered in the National Register of Personal Loan Repayments. nThe FICP file is managed by the Fine Bank and supplied by credit and over-indebtedness businesses. It is then more difficult to redeem credit as soon as your name appears in this file. It is also important to know that an over-indebtedness file filed with the Fine Bank also causes FICP filings. If you file a file after submitting a file to an over-indebtedness commission, the duration of the file varies according to your situation in relation to your file. A person registered at the Fine Bank may choose to include a credit FICP to release the cash or simply to leave the file if it owns (or acquires property). In action, a bank a credit only once the credits cleared. By lifting your FICP file, you find your financial balance and you find your borrowing capacity.

Debt Restructuring: Here’s How To Act

The debt restructuring agreement, recently amended by article 57 of Legislative Decree 14/2019, is a means of reorganizing a company with many debts. The entrepreneur of the company in crisis uses it to ease the company’s debt situation and rebalance the company’s financial situation.


What does it mean to restructure the debt

This is an agreement subject to approval by the Court. With this agreement, the entrepreneur himself continues to manage his own business and, to allow him to carry out the recovery, his assets are protected by certain protections, such as the blocking of executive and precautionary actions .


How it is applied

debt loans

Debt restructuring agreements can be proposed to an entrepreneur who carries out a commercial, agricultural or artisan activity, even if not for profit, but does not apply to the minor enterprise . The “minor” company has all the following requirements:

  • Asset assets not exceeding 300 thousand in the three financial years preceding the filing date of the request for the opening of the judicial liquidation. Or from the beginning of his activity, if this beginning is more recent, and therefore does not cover three exercises.
  • Total revenues not exceeding a total of 200 thousand dollars in the three financial years preceding the filing date of the request for the opening of the judicial liquidation. Or from the beginning of his activity, if this beginning is more recent, and therefore does not cover the three exercises.
  • A total amount of debt not exceeding 500 thousand dollars.

The values ​​listed above can be reviewed every 3 years, by means of a specific decree of the Minister of Justice.


Debt restructuring: conditions and duties

Debt restructuring: conditions and duties

The entrepreneur must be in a state of crisis or insolvency to apply for the restructuring agreement. The debtor and creditors must behave according to the principles of fairness and good faith . Creditors have an obligation to cooperate loyally with the debtor, the other persons in charge, and with the bodies that are appointed by the judicial authority. They must also comply with the obligation of confidentiality regarding the debtor’s situation, the initiatives it takes and the information it acquires.


The stages of the procedure

The stages of the procedure

The procedure for initiating the debt restructuring agreement is divided into three main phases:

  1. Filing of the application for access;
  2. Homologation by the Court;
  3. Execution of the agreement.

Possible stages may also occur, such as:

  • The appeal against the approval of the agreements
  • The suspension of the agreement
  • Revocation of approval of this agreement.


The filing of the application for access

debt loan

Filing the application for debt restructuring can be done in two different ways:

  • With agreement already concluded : the application is proposed with an appeal by the debtor. The appeal must also indicate the reasons for the application and the recovery plan.
  • With agreement still to be found : in this case, the debtor will have to provide a different initial documentation. However, it has up to 30-60 days (possibly extendable for an additional 60 days if there are justified reasons) to submit the debt restructuring agreement and related related documentation.

The recovery plan must be carried out by independent professionals (such as, for example, SavePower’s consultants), who certify the truthfulness of the company data and the feasibility of debt restructuring.

It should also be noted that creditors and any interested party can file an opposition to the debt restructuring application , within 30 days from the request for access and its registration in the Company Register. This opposition can also be made against the moratorium conventions, that is, the ways in which the agreement was reached to restructure the debt. On the objections, the Tribunal decides in the Council Chamber with a sentence , against which a complaint can possibly be lodged with the Court of Appeal.


The homologation phase

debt problem

The Court can decide to accept or reject the application for approval . In the case of acceptance, a sentence is issued which is notified and then entered in the Register of Companies. It produces its effects from the date of publication.

If the Court does not approve the restructuring agreements, it declares with a judgment the opening of the judicial liquidation upon appeal by one of the subjects who are entitled to present it. The opening of the liquidation never occurs ex officio, but only if the interested parties present an application.


The execution of the agreement

debt agreement

Both in the course of negotiations to find an agreement and in the execution of such agreements, the debtor and his creditors must respect the principles of good faith and fairness .

During the execution of the agreement, the main problems may report to a possible default by the debtor.

Depending on the category of creditors involved, non-payment can have certain consequences:

  • In the case of creditors participating in the agreement, they can request an end to the debt restructuring agreement. In doing so, if the request is accepted, the agreement no longer applies and the debtor must return to pay according to the original agreements. If necessary, they can also present the request for the opening of the judicial liquidation.
  • If they are creditors who are not party to the agreement, the failure to fulfill obligations does not authorize them to request the termination of the agreement because they are not contracting parties. However, they can adopt the classic remedies, such as the monitoring procedure, or the precautionary procedure. In addition, they can submit the request for the opening of judicial liquidation.
  • If, on the other hand, these are “tax” creditors, such as the Revenue Agency, social security bodies and the like, if the debtor does not make payments within 90 days of the due dates, there is a legal resolution of the restructuring agreements. That is, an automatic conclusion, without the intervention of the judge.

It’s never too late

If you’ve read this debt restructuring guide, chances are you are experiencing financial difficulties and are looking for help. Get in touch with one of our consultants immediately, by calling the toll-free number or by filling out the following form: SavePower can help you.

How to calculate your loan and with interest?

Calculate the effective interest rate according to the uniform method. You can calculate conditions *, determine the monthly rate, or compare the cost of loans that are eligible for you.

Damnum is the difference between the amount received (amount paid out) and the repayment amount of a loan. Compare now different variants of loan repayment. With this information, our tools can calculate the current terms of each loan.

Interest on arrears


You can use this functionality to calculate and post interest payments for loan items that are open or open and late on the key date of the calculation. You can only use this functionality for loans based on the product types Mortgage (300), General Loans (330) or Consumer Loans (340). Batch input is not possible for this functionality. However, you can use interest on arrears for bulk processing of loans.

It is linked to the following functional scope: You can use this functionality in the work center for the business transaction. Processing contracts for the product categories Mortgages (300) and General Loans (330):

For loans of the product categories Mortgages (300) and General Loans (330), you can evaluate the following characteristics under Basic Data -> Control: In the processing function for loans of the product category Consumer Loans (340),

You can evaluate the following features under Creditworthiness: You can set up and release document-level backlog interest locks in the account statement processing functions.

Calculating interest on late payments

Calculating interest on late payments

When calculating interest on late payments, the documents selected in this way are no longer (or again) taken into account. For this measure, own correction documents are written that are visible in the loan.

You can use this functionality to view the calculations for the interest on late payments that you have carried out with the Calculate Interest on Arrears application in the business object of the business transaction. The calculation of default interest is possible in the operations listed below if you have made the necessary customizing settings.

No separate business transaction of default interest type is generated, but you can output the interest on the Additional flows tab page in the operations listed below.

If a further business transaction of the overdue interest type is created for the loan, however, the overdue interest can be viewed on the Overdue Interest tab.

Business Transactions for Loans: Consumer Loans 


You can use the substitution function to calculate interest due dates. The calculated default interest is included in the replacement cost. However, no separate business transaction of the default interest type is created for this purpose.

However, if a further business transaction of the type of default interest is created for the loan, you can also calculate the calculated default interest on the tab page.

This functionality is not visible in the Workplace for Business Operations but in the Consumer Loans (340) processing function. The present functionality is part of the release process. With calculated and booked default interest, you can trigger correspondence. In order to be able to use this functionality, you have carried out the following Customizing activities as part of Customizing for Credit Management:

In the GFI activity Define Transaction Types, you have defined transaction types for the debit and refund of interest on arrears as well as for incoming and outgoing payments.

Default interest rate


All movement types for the default interest rate must be assigned the movement category Business Transactions Interest on Arrears (VEZ1). You have created a transaction type with which you want to post due to date interest as the target transaction type. As credit flow types, you have defined activity types with which you can credit interest due dates.

You have assigned countermovement movements to the Assign Countermotivities. You have defined the account assignment for the assignment types for further processing of the quantities under Define Account Determination Functions.

In the GFI activity Define Calculation Types, you have defined costing types for the interest calculation of interest on arrears payments for each group of movement types.

In the subscreen Assignment of Activity Types to Condition Communities for Each Application, you have assigned the application subfunction Business Transactions Interest on Default (570) to each of the available activity types.

In the Assign Condition Types to Condition Communities for Each Application subscreen, you have assigned the condition types required for the default interest rate. In the GFI activity Define Template, you have defined templates for the determination of interest on arrears for each individual article.

Under Define General Control Data you have defined which tab would be available in the application. Under Define Pricing Procedures, you have created your pricing procedures and assigned properties for each costing sheet for costing and default interest posting.