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Car dealers are geared to customer financing requests

Car dealers are geared to customer financing requests

As a rule, the purchase of a car is always an expensive matter and it does not matter whether the car is new or used. However, the mobile pedestal is often mandatory for people today, because the public transport system is often not enough and the distances to work are getting longer. Many are therefore considering a payday loan car to finance the desire of the new vehicle. Learn more at

All over Germany, car dealers are geared to customer financing requests. The car dealers often work with the company’s own car banks or with independent vehicle financiers. This is intended to meet customers’ financing needs and boost vehicle sales. When it comes to financing, car banks generally offer the best conditions on the market. But the lowest-interest offer is not always the perfect payday loan for a car. If the car banks give cheap interest, then the dealers participate in the interest subsidies. This reduces the profit and also reduces the willingness to give higher discounts on the list price.

A comparison of the payday loan car

A comparison of the personal loan car

Consumers can appear to the car dealer as if they were paying in cash and can then obtain several loan offers in parallel. When it comes to the discount on the vehicle, buyers have more scope for negotiations. In general, a loan with higher interest rates can even be cheaper in the end. However, if the buyer’s creditworthiness is not outstanding, then the chances at the car banks may be higher.

In order for the car banks to offer favorable conditions, a down payment is initially due on the price of the vehicle. This down payment provides security for car sellers and the vehicle letter is then deposited with the bank for security during the term of the loan.

General information about the payday loan car

General information about the personal loan car

Retailers often offer final installment financing for the Auto payday loan, which leads to low installments during the term. Buyers therefore pay monthly low installments after there is a final installment at the end of the contract that corresponds to the residual value of the car. The buyer can then pay the final installment in full or consider refinancing the remaining amount.

It is also important that zero percent financing is often a trap, because customers with low financing are attracted to a high price, where usury interest is already included.


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